In this blog, we are going to outline the various types of access control systems available and explain what each access control system is used for. 

For many businesses, access control is an essential part of their integrated security system. 

What Type Of Access Control System Do I Need?What Is An Access Control System? 

An access control system can protect your business premises by controlling who enters and leaves the premises. Access control systems only allow access to authorised personnel such as employees and contractors.  

Access control systems deter thieves from attempting to gain access to your business and prevent unauthorised personnel from entering the premises. As well as discouraging theft, access control systems will allow you to monitor your staff and can even reduce your insurance premiums. 

Types Of Access Control Systems 

Modern technology allows various types of identification to be used to control access to a commercial property. Here at Vistec Systems Ltd, we have a range of access control systems to suit the needs of your business. 

Long-Range Readers 

Long-range readers are designed to control vehicle access to car parks and other areas of your business premises. Long-range readers work by monitoring and identify vehicles as they enter and leave 

The readers can be used to open a gate/barrier for a vehicle and are beneficial for a business that has a private car park. Long-range readers will secure the car park and the area surrounding the premises. 

Biometric Access Control 

Biometric systems use a person’s unique characteristics such as their fingerprints, iris pattern or facial features to determine whether they are an authorised person or notUnauthorised personnel will not be able to enter the premises as their features and characteristics will not be stored on the server. 

Biometric access control offers ultimate security as there is no risk of people losing their swipe cards, fobs etc. Also, because biometric access control is linked to each person, it cannot be easily compromised through theft or collusion. Biometric access control is great for businesses who store sensitive material and require a high level of security. 

Keypad Access Control 

Electronic keypad entry systems can be used to control who enters your business property but are particularly great for securing specific areas within the building. Some business have their reception area, for example, open to the public but have other areas of the premises restricted and only accessible to authorised access.  

Keypad access control is particularly popular amongst business, which has a high volume of people entering and leaving the premises at various times throughout the day. Gyms and sports centres, for example, usually have keypad access control on some of their entrances so that only paying members can access their facilities. 

Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology 

NFC technology is a frequently used access control security system which allows users to use a contactless fob or contactless card to gain access to the building. NFC technology is similar to Bluetooth access control which identifies authorised personnel using Bluetooth enabled devices such as mobile phones and tablets. 

NFC technology and Bluetooth access control are popular within commercial offices and higher education buildings. 

Visitor Management Systems 

A visitor management system is a technology used to monitor visitors within your premises. A visitor may be a customer, job applicant, delivery person, a contractor or even an employee’s relative; basically, anyone who is not an employee should be considered a visitor. 

A visitor management system will track any visitors and store the details of their visit i.e. what they were called, what time they entered the premises, how long they were there for, what time they left and their signature. Some visitor management systems will also track which department the visitor was in and who they were there to see. 

Visitor management systems are beneficial within businesses that have a high number of visitors, such as offices. 

Swipe Systems 

Swipe card reader systems and wall/door mounted card readers are often used to secure specific rooms within a commercial property. 

For example, a room which stores client’s confidential information may have a swipe card reader system that is only accessible to certain individuals within the business. 

Which Access Control System Is Best For My Business? 

You may feel that a simple one-door entry solution will be best for your business or perhaps a multi-site access control system may be beneficial 

Your business may benefit from an integrated system which includes numerous types of access control such as a long-range reader on your car park and a swipe system within the entrance of the building. An integrated system may also include CCTV. 

Here at Vistec, we can offer a cost effective bespoke system designed to your needs. 

Get In Touch With The Security Experts  

Access control systems are used widely within a range of business sectors. They provide a beneficial way to secure your office premises and allow access to authorised personnel only 

If you would like more information about access control security systems or would like to install one within your premises, get in touch with Vistec Systems.    

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