Remote monitoring centres are becoming increasingly more popular for safeguarding your business whilst you aren’t present. There are countless benefits to using a remote monitoring centre (RMC) and they can provide you with great peace of mind and also save you from having to race from home to your workplace in your pyjamas. That would be a real nightmare.

What are the benefits of a remote monitoring centre?RMC’s allow a specialist group to monitor your property and or business 24/7 whether you are in or out. You can even use the remote monitoring centre to look out for workers sneaking their phones under their desks to check how they would look when they are 65 or like their friends holiday pictures on Facebook. 

And with Vistec Systems you can use the voices intercoms to shout at them remotely. So you don’t even have to get up from your desk to know all your work colleagues are on task.

What are remote monitoring centres?

A remote monitoring centre or RMC is when a dedicated external/off-site team is linked to your businesses security system and therefore can monitor any suspicious or unexpected activity on your premises. The external nature means the security system can be operated outside of your working hours thus providing you with the sanctity that when you leave your office you’ll know it is being constantly surveyed and analysed for ansuspicious activity. Also, the security team can handle issues meaning you can avoid those tired 4 am call outs for a cat sneaking through a window. 

The RMC can analyse all areas of your security system whether it be through CCTV, intercom, access control or perimeter security and this means they can have all the vital access to making sure that your business is completely secure. And in a time when burglaries are becoming increasingly more spontaneous and even more efficient, it is incredibly important you protect your business and livelihood.

BBC statistics for burglaries say that of 100 burglary crimes committed only 14 ever leads to arrests. With the speed of the crime and how difficult the police are finding it to catch intruders, now is a more pivotal time than ever to invest in a remote monitoring centre which can detect crimes before they happen and save your business from lengthy problems and legal battles. 

How can a remote monitoring centre benefit you?

The main benefit of an RMC, is added peace of mind for you. When your property is vacant you know your business is safe and secure and the team at the RMC are constantly surveying to ensure the security of your property is as safe as possible. The level of stress and fear can arise as a result of leaving your livelihood unattended means that the assurance of an RMC is always going to be worthwhile.

A remote monitoring centre is also beneficial as it provides a much faster response time than any other form of security. Constant surveillance by a specialised team means the RMC can detect suspicious activity before any incident has occurred. This means the delay time between an actual incident and the response is significantly shortened as an RMC can fulfil responses before the incident meaning they don’t have to wait to see a man in a balaclava breaking the glass with a hammer and dashing away with a TV while the wire clunks along with the concrete behind.

The RMC can also save you money on your business insurance premiums, so overall they can be a worthwhile investment as they constantly secure your business, while saving you money. Even though you can be dragged out of bed by an alarm, call the police and arrange all the details on a Sunday morning in your nightgown, I’m sure many people would much rather prefer it to be handled remotely with the hassle removed and less stress for you.

Is an RMC right for you?

Even though RMC is considered a smaller subsection of security there are still many different adaptations which can be more appropriate to different companies. Vistec Systems offers access control; entrance control; remote monitoring; CCTV systems; intercom systems; perimeter security and also fire and intruder alarms. The availability to adapt your RMC is something which can provide a challenge for customers as with such a host of options it is difficult to decide what’s perfect for you.  

However, your business safety is paramount and therefore the importance of selecting the right security is key. A basic alarm case obviously provides you with some security. But when a business you’ve built from scratch, the time and money you’ve invested in your business are at stake, so the security of the property is cardinal!

RMC’s are ideal as they can be tailored to suit your business. Vistec Systems are installed across the country in gyms, city halls and schools and therefore are almost guaranteed to be right for your business in some way or another.

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Overall an RMC is a brilliant way to guarantee the safety of your workplace and it provides you with peace of mind. It should be a guarantee that when you leave your workplace you can sleep knowing everything will be safe and sound. A remote monitoring centre can provide this!

If you need extra information on RMC’s or wish to use one to protect your business, get in touch with Vistec Systems.

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