If you are considering an access control security system for your business premises, a biometric security system could be the way to go. Biometric security systems have a range of benefits and are designed to protect your business by only allowing authorised personnel into the premises. 

What Are Biometric Security Systems?Biometric technology provides reliable identification security in the form of fingerprint or facial recognition scanners. 

How Do Biometric Security Systems Work? 

Biometric security systems store a person’s characteristics such as the fingerprints, eye texture, voice, hand patterns or facial recognition. These features are unique to each human being and do not change over time.  

When an authorised person walks into a building, the biometric scanner will evaluate his/her physical characteristics such as fingerprints or facial features and grant them access if their features are stored on the biometric system. 

If the biometric scanner does not recognise the individual’s features, they will not be granted access to the premises. With a biometrics system in place, it will be extremely difficult for someone to gain access to the premises or break into a system. 

Why Do I Need A Biometric Security System? 

In the digital era, protecting your business from both experienced and opportunist thieves as well as cyber-hackers can be challenging. Traditional methods of security such as electronic key cards, fobs and passwords can be left vulnerable as experienced thieves use technological advances to their advantage. 

Having a quality security system in place is vital to keeping your employees, customers and data safe. Biometric security systems are rapidly becoming a popular and trustworthy form of security, particularly for large businesses and companies that regularly have various people entering and leaving the building. 

Like most access control security systems, biometric security systems are great at discouraging opportunistic theft. 

What Are The Benefits Of A Biometric Security System? 

Biometric authentication within a business can have a range of benefits: 

Biometric Technology Is Not Easily Compromised 

Keys and personal ID cards can be lost or stolen, and passwords and PINs can be easily cracked or given to the wrong person. Unlike these traditional methods of security, biometric technology is linked to a person’s characteristics, meaning it cannot be compromised by someone trying to gain access without authorisation.  

Timekeeping And Accountability 

In addition to controlling access, biometric security systems can also be used for timekeeping and workforce management. Every manager understands that time theft can have a negative impact on the workplace and can cost the business money. A biometric system will keep a record and confirm the time each authorised person enters and leaves the building.  

Logging employee activity can also be beneficial is anything goes wrong. If there is a breach of security or an incident within the workplace, the biometric system can provide a log of which employees have entered the building.  

Biometric Security Systems Are Easily Installed 

A quality security provider such as Vistec Systems, will easily install a biometric security system and offer simple, straightforward training on how to use it. The biometric security system can easily be added to as the company expands. For example, if you’d like to secure additional areas within your business premises or would like to add more employees to the database, biometric security systems can expand as your business does. 

Biometric Security Systems Are Convenient 

With a biometric security system in place, employees and other authorised personnel won’t have to memorise a password or carry a badge/fob around at all times. Nipping outside for some fresh air and not being able to get back in because you’ve forgotten your key fob can be extremely frustrating! Similarly, those that manage the security system don’t have to spend time resetting people’s passwords or changing ID cards.  

Get In Touch 

Biometric security systems provide security for many businesses in a range of sectors. If you would like more information about access control and biometric security systems or would like to install one within your premises, get in touch with Vistec Systems.  

Here at Vistec Systems, we aim to provide our customers with effective and reliable security systems and solutions to their security problems. By using biometric security systems, we can help you protect your business premises 24 hours a day.  

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