If you’re considering how to protect your business premises from unwanted visitors, you might be looking at perimeter security. There are a wide range of reasons you may need perimeter security, these range from environmental and socioeconomic factors in your business’ local area, through to the nature of your business and the products and services produced or carried out onsite. Perimeter security offers your business a number of advantages:

Choose Who Enters Your Business

Of course with perimeter security you can then control exactly who enters your site. Look at your premises now and consider how far an intruder could get before they’re apprehended. Sometimes when you do this it can be shocking and make you realise how little security you currently have in place.

You’re Protecting Your Premises and Contents

Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that you’re protecting your premises. Not just the physical building but the value of the contents. You’re also protecting the people who work for you and those who visit the organisation to ensure everyone is safe and that only authorised people can enter your business.

You Can Choose From Many Security Solutions

You might just think of a guard patrolling when you think of perimeter security, but there are a number of more effective options such as physical products like gates, barriers and secure fencing. These work well in conjunction with CCTV systems with intelligent cameras, offering options like thermal imaging, trip wire software or an intruder detection system with motion detection sensors.


Working with a reputable company such as Vistec Systems enables you to get the best advice on what’s the most effective solution for your premises too, working within your budget. We can provide a complete perimeter security hardware package including gates, automated barriers and boundary fencing. The complete Perimeter Intrusion Detection system (PIDS) includes sensor cable, analysers and a software security management system, which is an end to end solution that can be implemented to virtually any business premises.

It Can Be Tailored To Your Budget

We find that when people think about perimeter security they often assume it’s the most expensive security option. However having perimeter security at your premises really can be tailored to your needs and the budget you’re working with. For example you might opt for a simple, low cost barrier or perhaps choose a complete Perimeter Intrusion Detection system (PIDS) if you want to make a real investment.

You Can Control the Flow of Traffic

With perimeter security, such as a barrier or gate, you’re able to control the flow of both vehicle and pedestrian traffic. This is particularly useful if you have a premises where people all arrive and leave at the same time. With external turnstiles this can stop any unsafe rushes, while still moving people through quickly, and helping to keep everyone safe.


Strong Visual Deterrent

Providing perimeter security, no matter what level, can be off-putting for people who might be considering gaining illegal access to your premises. Whatever solution you choose they act as a powerful visual deterrent that can help protect your business from any wrong doing.

To discuss perimeter security solutions get in touch with Vistec Systems and we’d be happy to discuss the right solution for you. We’ve installed perimeter security systems in a range of different businesses so we understand how powerful they can be. Take a look at our product range then call our team on +441293510792 or email sales@vistecsystems.co.uk, we’d be more than happy to help.