2021 has been a strange year for everyone. One industry that has been the most surprisingly affected by the pandemic is business security. It’s important to understand how you can achieve this for your business safely.

We are all finding a new way of working after the pandemic, but have you considered how your business security can be adapted?

Many businesses have already sought new ways to develop their business security this year.

Trends such as flexible working and modified workspaces have become very popular during 2021 and look to continue into this year.

Facial Recognition Access Control

Adapted facial recognition as a security process for your business is one of the most practical adaptations to make in 2022. Making your security contactless provides extra peace of mind and safety for both your employees and customers.

Along with the practicality of this, you also have the added benefit of taking human error out of the equation. Forgotten passwords or ID cards will no longer be a problem.

Biometric access control is the ultimate choice for identification security, no matter what industry you are in or business size. It is particularly favourable if you are looking to provide access to restricted areas for authorised personnel only.

If you are looking into facial recognition systems for your business, Vistec Systems provide a wide range of the industry’s leading products.

Mobile Credentials Access Control

If facial recognition isn’t quite right for your business or you only want to use this for higher-level security areas, mobile credentials are a good option to consider.

With contactless being of high importance in 2022, a solution to business security that relies purely on mobile credentials works well.

As with facial recognition, mobile credentials also work well to remove the issue of employees forgetting swipe cards, etc. As mobile phones become more and more imperative in our day to day lives, it is unlikely that someone would forget theirs.

Mobile credentials are also an affordable solution to business security. As they are generally cheaper than facial recognition access systems, they are great for trailing new security systems or for smaller businesses.

Flexible Workspaces

Businesses across all industries have adapted their workspaces to be safer post-pandemic.

As the debate over whether employees should always have the option to work from home continues, it’s important that your office space is safe and secure.

A solution that has become increasingly popular is entrance control.

The entrance to your business is where security is most important. Particularly in 2022, limiting the number of staff members entering the building or specific workspace can be crucial to having a covid safe space.

There is a wide range of solutions to making your space more secure in 2022.

At Vistec Systems, we’re constantly embracing new technologies to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.

If you’re interested in a product or if you have a security requirement that you can’t find the solution to on our website, then please get in touch and we will help you to design a solution that works for you.