Vistec Systems can provide a complete perimeter security hardware package including gates, automated barriers, boundary fencing & PIDS.

There is a wide range of reasons you may need perimeter security, these range from environmental factors, socioeconomic factors in your business’ local area, through to the nature of your business and the products and services produced or carried out onsite. We can work with you to deal with the unique security requirements of your business.

The complete Perimeter Intrusion Detection system (PIDS) including sensor cable, analysers and a software security management system, which is an end to end solution that can be implemented to virtually any business premises.

Automated Gates and Barriers play an essential security role in regulating, vetting and restricting the flow of pedestrians and traffic into and out of your site.

Whether the requirement is for a simple, low-cost barrier for relatively low volume usage, to a motorised barrier that can operate at high speeds for particularly busy premises, we will design & install a system to meet your operational requirements.

No matter the demarcation of your boundary or site, we have a detection and control system that will secure it.

If you’re looking to implement perimeter security for your business get in touch. We’ve worked with a range of businesses, covering all kinds of business sectors and we’d be happy to demonstrate how we could work with a business like yours.

Some recent examples of our work can be found on our case studies page.

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