Audio and Video Door Entry Intercom Systems provide secure, controlled access for visitors to restricted door entry areas. They range from simple standalone audio entry intercom systems comprising of a door entry panel to large multiple-tenant arrangements with a digital video door entry panels.

In a situation where hard-wired intercom systems are not possible or financially viable, Vistec Systems can provide a range of wireless technologies, for example, 3G/4G wifi intercoms.

These systems are the safest and most efficient way of controlling visitor entry into a building. Our systems are custom designed to suit your business needs, we offer analogue, digital and IP based systems that can be easily integrated with CCTV and access control solutions, such as card readers, keypads & biometric sensors.

Help points can provide customer & the public with general information and can be a way of raising the alarm in the event of an emergency.

Close Up of Intercom System

If you’re looking for an intercom system but you’re not sure how it would apply to your business please get in touch. Our specialists have devised a number of solutions for various organisations across different sectors and we’re confident we will be able to help you.

Some recent examples of our work can be found on our case studies page.

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