You’ve invested in your very own holiday home and you love having a place you can escape for a while! However, have you considered how to keep your holiday home safe and protected when you’re spending time there and when you’re away?

Home burglaries are most likely to happen when a property is standing empty, so your holiday home could be more at risk.

We’ve put together a few different things to think about to keep your second home secure, including the benefits of an Ajax Holiday Home security system:

Consider a Motion Detector

It can be nerve-wracking to leave your holiday home unattended, so put your mind at ease by adding a motion camera. Ajax have created alarm system packages specifically for holiday homes. They include a MotionCam movement camera so you can see inside your home at any time.

Add Lighting

One way to deter potential intruders is by adding lighting to the entry points of your holiday home. Put lights inside your home on a timer for when you’re away so it appears as though someone is inside.

Put Keys Away

When you have guests staying at your holiday home, sometimes you might hide a key they can easily access. Swap secret places for a secure key box to avoid intruders trying popular hiding places.

Protect Your Doors and Windows

Making sure your doors and windows are locked is likely part of your routine when leaving your home. Take this to the next level by adding opening detectors which will alert you if a door is opened or a window is accessed.

Secure Your Valuables

Protect your valuables by making sure nothing is on show, or left in your holiday home of significant monetary or sentimental value. Consider installing a small safe if you plan on leaving expensive items behind.

Know Your Neighbours

Getting to know your neighbours can really help to keep your home safe. They’ll be more vigilant to people on your property and notice any changes. If you don’t have any neighbours, consider employing a housekeeper.

Make Some Noise

One way to attract attention to a potential intruder is by using a siren. Ajax systems have both an outdoor and indoor siren to deter potential intruders and notify passers-by or neighbours of any dangers.

Considering an Ajax Holiday Home security system? Let the team here at Vistec Systems recommend the right solution for you. We’ve installed Ajax systems in a range of different holiday homes and caravans. Call us on 01293 510 792 or explore the range on our website.