Your business is your livelihood. You’ve invested time, money and most importantly lots of effort into building it up. The thought that while you are not present someone could enter and ruin all this is enough to make the spine tingle. That’s why it’s pivotal that you insure your business with the correct and mandatory security in order to guarantee it’s safety.  

How Do I Ensure Night Time Security For My Business PremisesMost people see their business like their child. They have to let it grow and nurture, but would you really allow yourself to leave a child out at night in the freezing cold, with no protection whatsoever. I doubt it. I hope anyway. But seriously you would always make sure that your child is 100% safe whether you are present or not. And you should take this same thesis with your children. That’s why we are going to provide you with eight easy tips on how to ensure night time security fo your business premises. Click this usfinancer guarantor loans lender  


CCTV is key in keeping your business secure from any potential break-ins. It acts as a great deterrent from police and especially with the use of remote monitoring, if you can make someone believe they are being physically watched, then you can ensure night time security for your business premises. CCTV is also a great way to detect any suspicious activity and it can help prevent an incident before it even begins. 

Security guard(s) 

A security guard or security guards are a really sound way to ensure security at night on your premises as the presence of an actual person rather than just electronic equipment acts like a much stronger deterrent. A security guard can be used to operate several of the other systems mentioned within the list and they can also be used to deal with incidents and this can prevent you from being called out to deal with an incident. They also have a better judgement (sometimes) than a computer. This means that they can grasp a situation better and also use initiative to detect a situation. 

Intercom systems 

The use of intercom systems on your site restricts any unwanted visitors onto your premises. The nature fo burglaries nowadays mean that more and more are becoming spontaneous and the use of this first line of defence can completely stop any attempted crime in its tracks. Through the combination of this and perimeter security access to the site can be completely shut down and whether ti be through the use of remote monitoring or the security guard, the presence of a human voice can further deter any criminals looking to gain access to your site at night. 

Perimeter security

Perimeter security is an incredible way to ensure that access to your site is limited and in some instances completely cut off. The use of barriers for vehicles looking to enter your site, fencing, barbed wire and other forms of perimeter security are highly likely to deter criminals as, as mentioned previously, the spontaneous nature of crimes nowadays means that criminals are looking for easier targets so the basic presences of a large fence with barbed wire can act make criminals see your target as Fort Knox. We are going to build a wall! And secure your premises at night.  

Intruder alarms 

The presence of an alarm is the most obvious and typical way to secure premises at night. However, its values is underestimated. As a basic criminal 101 course, the idea is to escape with your hard-earned goods without getting caught. The presence of an alarm however with direct links to the police and in some cases other forms of security mean that the criminals may struggle to do so. The little flashing blue light flicking from side to side is enough to stop many criminals in their tracks and its reliability is second to none. Why else would it be used across the country to secure premises?  

Night lights

Night lights may be considered the most standard way of securing your premises however the value they hold to someone trying to ensure that their business is secure at night is cardinal. The night lights deter criminals as the presence of people around your property – whether it is outside business hours or not – is almost constant. Whether your premises are in inner-city London or Outer Mongolia there is bound to be at least 1 person going past your property at any given moment. And if night lights are present so will be a criminal. 

Access control

Basic key locks on doors are becoming more and more easily penetrable by a criminal as their crime university courses often undergo a locksmith module. Therefore it is key to create better ways of securing access to your premises. You wouldn’t lock your phone with a simple key. So why your business. Nowadays phones use 9 million number sequences or a unique thumbprint, face recognition or a little shape drawing competition, so why not use these methods to secure something that holds as much importance to your life as your phone does – your business. 

Secure shutters

Shutters are an easy and secure way of maintaining your property within your premises. Any old big bad wolf can come blow down a wooden door, but a reinforced metal wall with graphene core strong enough to hold an elephant. That is security. Shutters are a better way of locking your premises at night and give you the peace of mind when you leave that as those shutters come clanging down you know that your business is now safe and sound. 

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