Cloud computing has been a revolutionary advance in technology that has allowed CCTV and access control systems (ACS) to move beyond the requirement for onsite servers & large storage drives at each location that cost time and money. Choosing a cloud access control system like those supplied by Paxton provide a future-proofed, online access control and video management solution. Using a cloud access control system simplifies managing and monitoring security.

Authorised users can access their ACS from anywhere in the world and view both live data & history event logs and reports, all you need is an internet connection. It’s a modern way to not only monitor security but also automatically keep a record of visitors or vehicles around your site.

Another key advantage is that you can upgrade your storage to the cloud without needing to replace your whole system. When you speak to the team at Vistec Systems, one of our sales team can explore the options and integrations available to you.

Cloud Access Control System Products: Net2 Cloud

The Net2 cloud solution works by connecting Paxton door controllers with its Net2 server, hosted in the cloud. When Vistec Systems work on an install, we do everything required to ensure a secure, encrypted connection is in place. Vistec views the protection of clients data with the utmost importance and has developed multiple layers of security in order to ensure it is kept safe.
Each client has a dedicated virtual private network (VPN) which is only accessible to them, and these servers are locked to only run the Net2 and VPN software. UK based hosting is used and no data is transferred outside of the UK, and Net2 provides a log of each person who logs into the software, which meets the GDPR requirement for an audit trail.


cloud access control paxtonEnhanced user experience

As well as being more secure, Cloud solutions also offer an improved user experience through the ease of access to information and footage. Paxton has two apps that can be used with the system, the Paxton Connect, a straightforward app that enables users to manage multiple sites remotely from a smartphone or tablet. And the Paxton Key, which allows system users to replace traditional keys or cards with a Paxton system.

Where is a cloud access control system typically used?

There are a range of applications where cloud access control systems and those provided by Paxton are used, from schools, offices, healthcare facilities and general workplaces and commercial environments.

Paxton Net2 software makes it easy to manage and monitor the security of your site and is scalable up to 100 sites on a single system with up to 1,000 doors, 1,000 cameras and 50,000 users, so it’s a workable solution for businesses of all sizes.

How is installation handled?

Vistec Systems was established in 1992 and the quality of our installations and aftercare are what really set us apart. We are experts in this technology and ensuring we meet each client’s individual requirements. You can request a site survey or make a general enquiry by heading to our contact page here. Once you submit an enquiry a member of the team will be in touch soon.