Due to a continuous rise in crime, CCTV security systems are becoming increasingly popular amongst commercial properties and businesses. Having office CCTV ensures the safety of staff, visitors and the public, whilst protecting and monitoring your assets 

Does My Office Need CCTV?Many businesses choose to have CCTV both inside and on the exterior of their premises to protect their property and the people in it. 

Installing Office CCTV On The Exterior Of The Premises 

Installing CCTV on the exterior of the building is one of the best ways to protect your business from crime. Having security cameras positioned at key places around your office building will deter experienced and opportunist thieves from trying to break into your building. 

If an unauthorised person does gain access to your property, an office CCTV system will capture their image and can then be used to find the criminal and prosecute them in court. 

At Vistec Systems we can offer a wide variety of CCTV options for your office and can advise where to position the surveillance cameras for maximum effect. For example, CCTV cameras should be positioned overlooking the car park, above ground floor windows (particularly those that aren’t used often), on stairwells and overlooking any entrances or doors including delivery entrances. 

Additional Benefits Of Office CCTV On The Exterior Of The Premises 

As well as preventing burglary and theft, installing an office CCTV system is likely to reduce your business’ insurance premium.  

Similarly, if you decide to sell the business property, a high-quality CCTV system will increase the value of the property and may speed up the process of finding a buyer. 

Installing CCTV around the office premises will also give employers and visitors peace of mind, particularly if they’re leaving the office during the evening when its dark. 

Installing Office CCTV Internally 

Unfortunately, theft and break-ins aren’t the only threat you face as a business owner. If your office has a significant number of employees and visitors, you may need office CCTV inside the building. 

There are various factors to consider before installing CCTV within your office. For example, it is important to ensure that your employees and visitors are aware of the CCTV system.  

It is best practice to have a written policy outlining the nature and extent of the surveillance monitoring and the reason behind it. There should also be visible signs stating that CCTV is operating in the area and why. 

Office CCTV cameras should only be installed in public areas and aren’t required in toilets, changing rooms or break rooms. CCTV cameras should be positioned in key places such as the entrance to the building, the office reception, stairs and elevators and the office itself. 

You must be able to provide images/footage to the police or other authorities if they request them and should only keep images as long as your business needs them. 

Installing CCTV within the office can have a number of benefits: 

Provide A Safe Working Environment 

Much like the CCTV on the exterior of the building, a CCTV system within the office will also deter criminals.  

As well as providing a safe working environment for your employees and visitors, you are protecting your business by preventing employee misconduct. 

Increase Employee Productivity 

An office CCTV system will prevent employees from wasting work time and will increase productivity within the workplace. 

Health and Safety 

Office CCTV can be used to ensure that health and safety rules are always being complied with. It is particularly beneficial in the event of a health and safety breach or an incident which may result in an insurance claim. 

Finding Lost Property 

CCTV within the building is also great to locate lost items. This is especially useful if you have a lot of visitors coming in and out of your office. If someone loses something, whether it’s their car keys or even a client document, you may be able to retrace their steps and find the missing item using CCTV cameras. 

Get In Touch With The Security Experts 

CCTV systems are used widely within a range of business sectors. They provide a beneficial way to secure your office premises. If you would like more information about CCTV security systems or would like to install one within your premises, get in touch with Vistec Systems.   

Here at Vistec Systems, we aim to provide our customers with effective and reliable security systems and solutions to their security problems. We can also offer a wide variety of CCTV options to cater to your needs and budget. 

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