There are a number of different intercom systems that you can choose depending on the installation and level of security that you require.

To help you choose the right one for your business, we’ve put together a list of the different types of intercom systems:






When you think of an intercom system, you typically imagine an audio system where a person presses a button and talks in to a speaker.

This is what you’ll find in many commercial environments, as it’s a great low price option that provides a good level of security.

Audio intercoms are ideal for office buildings where visitors are expected, and the need to see the visitor prior to entry is less important.


Paxton intercom systems







Increasingly you’ll see video intercoms being used, particularly in places where businesses want to provide a higher level of security.

Not only does it allow you to see the person before granting access, but it also acts as a deterrent to people trying to gain illegal access.

Video intercom systems work well in local authority and health care settings, as well as apartment blocks, where people may be more vulnerable.


Wireless intercom system








If there isn’t the option to hardwire an intercom system in to your building then wireless intercom systems can be a great alternative.

One amazing benefit is that it requires no installation so can be used straight out of the box, making it a really affordable option for you and your business.

The only things you require for this type of system are local power and a sim card (preferably not “Pay As You Go”). It is also advisable to check that you can get a signal on your mobile phone from the location you are thinking of putting the intercom.

Help Points, Call Points and Refuge Areas

Security help point









Help Points, Call Points and intercoms for Refuge Areas are other types you might not have considered.

Essentially a button that a user can press to be connected to someone who can offer them assistance.

Help Points are only for emergencies hence the red colour. Call points work similarly to an audio intercom.

Here at Vistec Systems we’ve installed intercom systems in to a number of different settings, from gyms and heath clubs to schools and airports.

If you need advice on choosing the one that is right for you, or how to integrate it with your other security equipment we’re more than happy to help. Call our team on +441293510792 or email