As the country starts to adjust to the idea that coronavirus may well be with us for a long time, we’re increasingly seeing businesses looking for new ways to manage the risks in their workplace.

As lockdown rules are relaxed more and more, people are starting to head back to the office, leaving company owners with the challenge of protecting their staff and ensuring they are doing everything possible to help stop the spread.

One of the first points of contact in your business, will of course be your entrance doors and your access control system. Ideally you want to avoid touching readers or door handles in this area while still ensuring your business is protected.

Whether you already have an existing access control system or it is now something you are considering, at Vistec Systems we can help.

We’ve highlighted on a number of contactless access control options for you to consider:

Facial Recognition

Biometric technology scanners are the ultimate in identification security.

When we talk about biometric security, many people naturally first think of fingerprint readers. However, taking a fingerprint of course means touching a screen.

Facial recognition can be a way to give people access without any contact taking place. If you’ve relied on security keypads, facial recognition might seem like a huge leap. However facial recognition security access is becoming increasingly popular, more reliable and simple to install.

facial recognition control

Suprema Facestation 2

Proximity Access Control

Cards and fobs can also have a place in the world of contactless access control.

As part of a proximity access control system, the card or fob can be scanned from a distance minimising contact. This removes the need for the user to press or touch a reader & the card or fob is only handled by the user.

proximity reader

Paxton P50

Mobile credentials

Mobile phones are one of the most secure devices and cannot be cloned like a key card. It is more secure because of one simple fact: people may not know where their access control credential is at any given time, but they are intimately aware of where their smartphone is at all times.

You can enable 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) so that a user needs biometrics to unlock their phone via thumbprint or FaceID in order to use their mobile credential.

mobile credentials

Paxton 10

Touch Free Calling

A call button is commonly used in areas where people need to verbally identify themselves before being allowed access to the building, such as on an intercom. This involves pressing a button on a pad and speaking in to a speaker.

Touch Free Calling removes the need to press a button. Instead, all you need to do is wave! This clever technology recognises that someone is there and dials the reception so you the caller can let the operator know of their presence.

touch free calling

Airphone ‘Wave’ Touchless Intercom


Navigating the ‘new normal’ can be really difficult and we know that businesses are facing many unique challenges at the moment.

We just wanted to let you know that at Vistec Systems we’re here to help. If there’s any advice you need during this time, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We’re constantly embracing new technologies to meet the needs of the various industries we serve. If you’re interested in a product or if you have a security requirement that you can’t find the solution to on our website, then please get in touch and we will help you to design a solution that works for you.