If you’re looking for the ultimate in identification security, then biometric access control is the one for you!

The innovative access control technology is rapidly increasing. We are having to find new ways of introducing the most reliable and secure access solutions that are simple to install and manage.

If you’re responsible for the security of your business, then you will have more than likely considered an access control system. However, you may not have yet considered the pros of a biometric access control system.

Find out more about these systems and how they can benefit your business below:

biometric access controlWhat is Biometric Access Control?

Access control, in general, assists in controlling the security of an entry point. Whether that be a pedestrian gate, a door, a turnstile or more.

Biometric access control, therefore, provides an extra layer to that security solution – by allowing access to people only based on their physical characteristics. This therefore eliminates any vulnerability that you may face with other types of access control.

What Are the Benefits of Biometric Access Control Over Alternative Access Control Solutions?

You would generally opt for a biometric solution if you required a higher level of security – and particularly if you wanted to provide access to restricted areas for only authorised personnel.

With other access control systems such as swipe cards or access keys, you run the risk that they could be stolen, passed on to others or that information could be forgotten. This can be difficult to manage and could also cause a security breach.

However, with biometric solutions, you’re completely guaranteed that the only people accessing your premises are ones that are authorised. And that they can gain access without having anything else in their possession, minimising the risk of human error.

Other benefits are:

  • They grow with your business
  • They avoid piggybacking
  • Can be flexed for your setting
  • Users can be tracked
  • Increased speed of entry
  • Convenient for users
  • No replacement costs

What Types of Biometric Access Control Are There?

There are a wide variety of different biometric access control systems, with a huge range of systems from various manufacturers available on the market.

However, we’ve outlined the most commonly used types below:

Fingerprint Readers

The most widely recognised biometric security solution, fingerprint readers are an excellent choice for a higher level of security.

Commonly seen in offices, gyms, retail outlets, and more – they can be a very versatile solution.

Fingerprint readers are the most commonly used type of biometric access control currently as they’re the most advanced and the most cost-effective.

Some of the most popular fingerprint readers that we install are by Suprema who are one of the leading manufacturers in biometric security.

fingerprint readerFacial Recognition Readers

Many people think that facial recognition readers for example can seem a bit Mi5 – however they’re actually used a lot more often than you may think!

Facial recognition systems are the ultimate in identification security. They have become increasingly popular over recent years, and are a reliable and simple to install solution. You may have commonly seen them used in airports, and hospitals for example.

These systems can also be a great way to provide access to people without any contact. As we look to a post-pandemic world and what may be the ‘new normal’ for some time to come – contactless solutions are likely to play a key role in that.

Some of the most popular facial recognition systems that we install are by Suprema and Hikvision.

hikvision face recognitionWhere to Purchase Biometric Access Control

When looking to purchase biometric access control, you should look for an experienced security systems supplier.

At Vistec Systems, we can provide and install biometric solutions from a wide range of the industry’s leading manufacturers.

We have been established for almost 30 years, and have tonnes of experience in providing the latest and most innovative security solutions to our customers. We also have experience installing solutions in almost any industry, so you can be sure we can provide a solution for you.

At Vistec Systems, we’re constantly embracing new technologies to meet the needs of the various industries we serve.

If you’re interested in a product or if you have a security requirement that you can’t find the solution to on our website, then please get in touch and we will help you to design a solution that works for you.