For both homes and businesses alike, break-ins are rife over any holiday period and so fully securing your business is absolutely essential. In school holidays like half term, the summer holidays and over Christmas, for example, potential thieves will know your building or site is empty and may, unfortunately, try to take advantage.

However, there are still some very effective and easy steps to take in order to help keep your business safe. Read our top tips below.

Remove or Secure Any Valuables

An obvious but easily forgotten part of shutting your business before going on holiday!

If you can’t 100% secure all of the valuables on-site, then it’s best to remove them wherever possible. The inconvenience of doing this outweighs the cost of replacements.

An organised stocklist can help you do this and stay organised year-round.

Don’t Advertise Holiday Hours

While we understand this isn’t possible for all businesses, if you can avoid advertising your opening hours, then we would always recommend this.

If a burglar is unaware as to when your offices will be left unattended, they will be less likely to try their luck!

Review Your Perimeter Security

There is a wide range of options when it comes to perimeter security so it’s important that you choose the one best suited for you.

Here at Vistec Systems, we offer a full perimeter security package that includes gates, automated barriers, boundary fencing & PIDS.

Most companies now choose to have security such as automated gates or barriers as they create a checkpoint at the very start of your businesses site. This ensures you are aware of every visitor as they enter or leave your premises.

Perimeter security can be fully locked down whilst you’re on holiday, ensuring no one can access your site.

Whether your business requires low security, a simple approach, or a complete perimeter barrier – we have the detection and control system for you.

Review Your Access Control System

Modern access control is a relatively new security implementation for most businesses; however, it is one that is quickly becoming standard.

Securing your business against anyone except authorised personnel is extremely important.

This gives you complete control over who enters the building, protecting both your employees and your valuable items on site.

Swipe cards, proximity fobs or cards, tokens, digital keypads and even fingerprint readers or facial recognition can all be implemented into your business’ security solution.

An access control system can be hugely beneficial for all businesses if you’re going on holiday as it means the necessary personnel and employees can still access your building as and when required.

From simple one door entry solutions to biometric technology, we can advise and fit the system best suited to your business.

Review Your CCTV System

An external or internal CCTV system is important to the security of your site all year round. But is especially when your business is closed, or you are away for a period of time.

Visible CCTV is a deterrent in itself. And it also provides an extra layer of protection for your company should anything happen.

With a modern system from Vistec, you can even access your security cameras from your mobile phone – anytime and anywhere. This also means your holiday doesn’t have to be interrupted for any alerts, you can simply check on your phone.

Ensure Your Intruder Alarm is Set

This may be an obvious one. But it’s essential that you check your intruder alarm settings before leaving your business for any period of time.

If your alarm system is on an automated setting, we would advise amending this for the period that you are away.

If your offices or site are going to be stood empty for days or even weeks, you should leave your alarm set 24/7.

As with your CCTV system, you can check your alarm settings or any alerts from your mobile phone. This makes it much more convenient to keep an eye on your business while you are enjoying your break.

Create a Shutdown Checklist for Securing Your Business

Along with the above, there are a number of other things that should always be done before leaving your workplace unattended:

  • Make sure all lights and plug sockets are switched off
  • Lock all doors and ensure fire doors are pulled to
  • Close all windows and lock, removing the key from the window after
  • Ensure all heaters and radiators are off and unprogrammed
  • Any valuable items which cannot be removed should be moved from window sight

For assistance or advice with any of our systems for securing your business, send us a message via our website.