When looking to secure any setting, entrance control and access control are both terms you’ll hear. But what’s the difference? We’ll explain this and the things you need to know about both in this blog post.

What is access control?

Access control is the system in place to identify whether access should be granted to an individual. The system identifies who the user is, and whether they are authorised to enter. This could be in the form of users scanning a card, entering a code, giving a finger print reading or presenting themselves to a facial recognition scanner. Access control systems also give you the option to identify people in different ways, for example alerting you when someone important arrives at your office. With an access control system you can also remove authorisation quickly when needed to ensure safety and security.

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What is entrance control?

The difference between the two is subtle but the easiest explanation is to think of entrance control as the barrier to entering. For example, a turnstile. The access control system identifies the individual and whether they’re authorised, and the entrance control or turnstile physically prohibits the entry when needed. In the instance that a lower security turnstile like a tripod is in place, if the access control system doesn’t grant access but the individual passes through anyway simply by hopping over, security teams can be alerted immediately.

The physical product e.g the turnstile is really important in terms of preventing things like tailgating, which access control cannot always fully control. If we consider football stadium turnstiles as an example, a full height turnstile protects against tailgating by providing a physical barrier that only allows one person to enter at a time once access has been granted.

As well as protecting landmarks and businesses, entrance control and access control also work together to keep people safe. Entrance control is a visible deterrent to anyone considering committing theft or other crime, meaning that those inside a restricted area can go about their day feeling safe.

They also protect businesses from lost revenue caused by those trying to gain access without a ticket, and you’ll often see access control and entrance control working together when you scan your ticket at a museum or tourist attraction.

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Which access and entrance control solution is right for me?

The answer to this depends on your unique requirements. The level of security needed, the desired experience for those entering your site and your budget are all factors that will determine the system that’s right for you. You may be happy with a swipe card and turnstile system if your site has a physical security presence and low risk of unauthorised people attempting access, or you may want to make the best possible impression with your entrance control, without it being imposing. In this instance a modern speed gate paired with biometric access control such as finger print or facial recognition is a great choice.

At Vistec Systems we’re experts in this field and have been providing solutions in settings such as gyms, airports, hospitals, stadiums and more for many years. We listen to your unique requirements and are more than happy to advise and provide a tailored quotation. Get in touch with us via our contact us page or give the team a call on 01293 510792.