Wireless systems can provide just as much security and technology as a traditional hard-wired alarm system, with a number of additional benefits.

These relatively new systems to the marketplace offer benefits to business owners, homeowners, and caravan/holiday home owners by securing their premises in a variety of different ways.

1) Affordable

One of the best things about a wireless alarm system is how scalable and therefore how affordable it can be.

For example, with the Ajax wireless alarm system, you can purchase a starter kit, and then add on extra individual products if and when you decide you need them.

As the installation process with a wireless system is generally quite minimal, in comparison to a hard-wired system, you won’t need to worry about paying someone for a time-consuming install.

If you’re unsure about what components you may need, just give Vistec Systems a call and we can discuss your requirements.

2) Easy Installation

A wireless system means not connecting multiple different cables, so they can be installed quickly and easily with little disruption to your business operation or home life.

If you purchase an Ajax system from Vistec Systems, then all of our packages come with complete installation for free!

Installation will be completed by one of our professional, fully trained engineers providing you with complete peace of mind.

3) Aesthetically Pleasing

Everyone understands the struggle of trying to hide unsightly cables, whether in your commercial premises or at home.

No wires = no problem!

As well as being wireless, the Ajax systems are extremely modern and sleek in appearance making them a great alternative to traditional hard-wired, bulky systems.

4) Easy To Integrate With Other Devices

Having a wireless intruder alarm means that it can be easily integrated with other devices without the need for any hard wiring.

The advanced technology of wireless systems mean that if you already have a security system in place such as a CCTV system, you are able to integrate the two together.

If you’re unsure whether the system you have could be integrated with a wireless system, then just get in touch with us and we can advise whether or not it would be compatible with the Ajax system.

5) Easy To Integrate With Smart-Technology

Like most modern technology, wireless alarms can now be controlled directly from your smartphone or iPad. The Ajax Security System application can be accessed via any iOS or Android.

The app is very intuitive and easy to navigate. As an added security measure the company looking after your system will have to ask permission from you, the owner, before they are allowed access to your system for maintenance or to add an additional device.

The Ajax system is built with the Hub being the core device. The Hub is able to send alerts via SMS, push notification or phone call to any smartphone.

This means that no matter where you are, you can rest safe in the knowledge that you can be reached.

6) Portability

Installing a wireless system into your commercial premises, home or static caravan means that if you ever relocate, then you are able to take it with you.

This is especially prevalent for those that are currently renting their property as you don’t need to worry about making an investment into something that is potentially only temporary.

7) Tamper-Proof

Without any wires, intruders don’t have anything to cut or tamper with, however every device has a tamper alarm. If the device is removed from its securing bracket, a system alert will be sent to you.

You can also rest assured that your alarm system will never turn off, even in a power cut, as the wireless systems are completely battery powered with long-life batteries.

8) No Need For Wi-Fi

If you’re looking to install a wireless security system in your holiday home or static caravan, then access to a Wi-Fi connection might not always be available.

Thanks to the Ajax wireless system, connecting via Wi-Fi is possible but not essential. You are able to simply purchase a sim card directly from Vistec Systems that you pay for monthly so that your device can run on a cellular connection instead!

For more advice on a wireless alarm system for your business or home, get in touch with Vistec Systems on +441293510792 or email sales@vistecsystems.co.uk