Once seen as a security solution for only banks and top level government buildings, biometric security systems are now becoming increasingly popular in commercial environments. Keys and fobs replaced by fingerprint, voice or facial recognition to increase the level of security. Investing in a biometric security option might seem like a big investment, however it does have a range of benefits for your business:

1) Increased Security

If you’re considering installing or upgrading your security system, biometric access control provides you with one of the highest levels of security that you could choose for your business. Compared to more traditional methods, it allows only those with the right level of access to enter your premises as they must use either their unique facial pattern, fingerprint or voice.

2) Grows With Your Business

If your business is in a period of growth then a security solution that grows with you is essential. By installing a biometric security system, you’re able to add additional users easily as your team expands. If it’s your premises that grows then again additional units can be added to the system easily.

3) Avoids Piggybacking

Another major plus of biometric security is the accuracy with which people can access your premises. Using fingerprint recognition, for example, stops anyone sharing an access pass, and depending on the type of access control you have in place, it stops people (particularly unauthorised people) entering the business behind another member of staff.

4)  Can Be Flexed For Your Setting

Whether you’re looking for an access control solution for your gym or office building, biometric security options are increasingly versatile. Access can be granted through fingerprint and facial recognition or iris scanning, whatever works for your setting. If you work with an industry professional such as Vistec Systems they’ll be able to advise you on what is right for your business.

5) Users Can Be Tracked

If your employees or visitors are using their fingerprints to enter your premises, then this can help you accurately track exactly who is entering and leaving your building. This can help when it comes to running reports or if any security issue arises when it’s essential to know who was on site at a particular time.

6) Increased Speed

Using biometric technology for access control helps people enter your premises quicker, compared to more traditional forms of entry. Of course with any form of technology there could be issues that arise, however biometric security is considered to provide one of the fastest and most reliable access control solutions.

7) Convenient for Users

For your employees or visitors it’s the easiest way possible for them to enter your premises. It doesn’t rely on them having to remember a code or swipe card, making it ideal for environments that have a lot of field based staff or visitors who don’t access the premises as regularly. It also reduces the workload for facilities management staff who shouldn’t have to deal with as many access issues as they may have done previously.

Investing in a biometric security solution might seem like a big job, however considering the benefits you might find it’s the right scalable security solution for your business.

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