As a small business owner with lots going on; the security of your business premises may not always feel like your number one priority.

You may not be looking to make a huge investment, but below we look at 5 of the top ways you can protect your small business premises right away:

1) Intercom Systems

If you’re concerned that your business premises may be prone to specific security breaches, then you may consider allowing access to only a limited number of people.

You can find a wide range of intercom systems that all serve different purposes and provide different levels of security.

The most common type of intercom system is an audio intercom which is most widely used within commercial premises. However, for a higher level of security, video intercoms are a great option so that you can see the user as well as hear them. We are currently promoting the wave touch free intercom by Aiphone.

In a situation where hard-wired systems are not feasible, you could also opt for a wireless system. For a better idea of how an intercom system could apply to your business, you can view some of our latest case studies here.

2) Access Control

Access control systems essentially monitor the movement of people in and out of your business premises.

These types of systems can range from proximity fobs or cards, tokens, digital keypads through to biometric technology such as Suprema fingerprint & facial recognition readers.


The great thing about an access control system is that although there is an associated upfront cost, having one can actually help reduce your insurance premiums so could in turn save you money!

One of the most popular types of access control are by Paxton, including the brilliant Paxton 10 and Net2 systems. Vistec Systems Ltd are proud to be a platinum installer of Paxton systems and have installed these systems in just about every type of commercial environment.

3) CCTV Systems

Probably the most commonly used security solution, CCTV systems are absolutely essential for every business premises and are a great, affordable system.

New types of cameras such as these TiOC units which are full-Colour technology with powerful AI functions and Active Deterrence warnings.

In addition to having a CCTV system in operation, it’s also a good idea to provide various signage advertising this to further deter potential intruders.

In the unfortunate event that any issues ever do arise, then with CCTV systems you are able to watch the footage back which means you don’t have to worry about relying on constant monitoring.

4) Intruder Alarms

If the worst-case scenario occurs and your business premises are broken into, intruder alarms are often the quickest and most reliable way to be notified about it.

Vistec Systems Ltd are proud to be installers of the Ajax intruder alarm system. This system is completely wireless, meaning it can be installed quickly and easily with little disruption to your business operation.

The various components available to purchase from Ajax also means that it can protect against intruders, flooding and fires and it can also be managed remotely from your smartphone so you can be safe in the knowledge that your business is secure, even when you’re not there.

Another great benefit of this wireless system is how flexible it is so that it can be adapted to your ever-changing and growing business needs. You can begin by purchasing one of the starter kits, then add additional units as required.

Even though the Ajax system is very modern and sleek in appearance, it also acts as a great visual deterrent to anyone thinking about attempting to gain illegal access to your property.

You can learn more about these systems and purchase our ‘Business Starter Kit’ directly on our website.

5) Automatic Barriers

Automatic barriers are likely the first security measure that a visitor or intruder to your business premises will face.

They are a great way to regulate and restrict not only pedestrians, but also vehicles from approaching your business premises. This can be crucial if your business premises are more likely to be ramraided for example if you have a shutter door or something similar.

Our automatic barriers range massively dependent on your needs, from a simple low-cost barrier to motorised barriers that can operate at high speeds for a relatively high-volume usage.

At Vistec Systems Ltd we are trusted installers of the FAAC systems which are extremely well-regarded globally. You can view one of our case studies using this system here.


For advice on choosing the right security packages for your business premises, get in touch with Vistec Systems Ltd. We’ve installed systems in just about every commercial environment and we’d love to help you too. Call us on +441293510792 or email