Access control optionsThere is no perfect time to upgrade your security system. Typically as business we tend to wait until the system feels out of date or a security breach highlights an issue.

You might not be ready to make a big investment, however there are a number of things you can do straight away to make your business more secure:

1) Review Who Has Access

In any fast moving business it’s more than likely that people will come and go as your business grows and changes. However when someone has left, how often do you actively remove that person’s ability to access the building? 

It’s essential that you regularly do an access audit so you know who still has the means to enter your premises.

It’s important to review levels of access too, to ensure that everyone has the access they need and that certain areas are protected as required.

2) Test the Equipment

If you don’t run regular tests on your security equipment, then today is the day to start! It’s essential that you have your equipment tested and maintained regularly so you don’t leave yourself open to any security breaches.

3) Consider Weak Points

In the process of testing your equipment you might highlight a number of weak points in the system. For example, since installation users might now use another entrance or you may have changed the way you welcome visitors to your premises. 

Consider a walk around your business, to review whether there are any points that could be inviting to an intruder or where security needs to be increased.

4) Reeducate Your Team

When someone new starts with your business, you’ll typically take them through the security procedures, however if you have long standing employees, do they know the correct protocol?

For example, do staff regularly hold the door for other employees so they don’t use their own pass to sign in?

Does everyone who interacts with visitors know the correct process for allowing them access to the building?

A little refresher can help everyone understand the importance of security within the business and avoid breaches.

5) Consider an Upgrade

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Once you’ve taken a look at your system, do you feel it could be time for an upgrade? Though it requires an initial investment it can reduce your insurance premiums and of course protect your business for the future.

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