A changing society and an increased focus on security for staff and students within schools might leave you wondering whether you have the right solution in your establishment. If you’re wondering about the investment you’d need to make, here are five security options you could consider:

1) Create a Single Point of Entry

Before you start investing in technology, you might want to consider creating a single point of entry, rather than having multiple ways to access the premises. A single point of entry helps make your building more secure, as not only does it limit the number of people that can access the business at one time, but it also allows you to really invest in the most effective form of access control technology in only one key area.

2) Choose the Right Access Control Solution

There are a number of access control solutions you can choose from, including a keypad, swipe system or biometric entry, such as a fingerprint reader. If you currently have limited security installed, it might seem extreme, however its worth considering how you’re preparing your school’s security for the future. If you’re unsure what the right option is for your school, then speak to an expert such as the team at Vistec Systems and they’ll be able to advise on whats right for your school.

3) Implement a Visitor Management System

Many schools in the UK still rely on a traditional signing in book when tracking visitors who are entering the school. This has a lot of limitations, particularly in the event of a fire if no-one can access the book. Investing in a digital signing in system means you’re able to record visitors and access it whenever required throughout the school, as well as ensuring you’re GDPR compliant.

4) Consider CCTV in High Traffic Areas

CCTV might seem extreme, but it’s increasingly becoming a standard fixture in school settings. It has always been a controversial topic, however as they become more common the stigma is being lost. CCTV isn’t just positive for unauthorized visitors but also to protect staff and students, and to help eliminate bullying within schools. There are many laws around the use of CCTV, so its essential you work with a company that understands and works within the guidelines.

5) Partner with a Reputable Company

It’s so important to partner with a reputable security company. Here at Vistec Systems we’ve worked within the education sector for over 25 years. We understand the requirements of schools and colleges and have significant experience in the design, installation and maintenance of security systems.

Our systems can keep track of students, visitors and vehicles that arrive onto your premises and monitor who is coming in and out of your site. We’ve developed an understanding of our clients’ needs and their primary objective to protect staff and students, whilst not ignoring their assets and property.

If you want to discuss access control and installing a security system within your school or college, then get in touch with Vistec Systems. Call us on +441293 510792 and we’ll discuss how we can help.