When you think of an intercom system, you might think of a classic push button that you press and wait for a garbled message from the other side!

However, intercom systems have developed hugely in the last few years and offer many benefits if you work in an office.

Below we’ve taken a look at the five different benefits that installing an intercom system could offer your business.

1) Entry can be monitored

The most obvious benefit of installing an office intercom system is that access to the building can be monitored.

You might not consider your workplace somewhere that an unauthorised visitor would want to access, but you should still protect your employees and your building.

2) You can see the visitor

Installing a video intercom means that not only are you able to hear who is at your door, but you’re able to see them too.

This is also an excellent deterrent for potential intruders who might be considering trying to access your premises.

3) Your team will feel protected

If your team work late or individuals are in the office alone for any period of time, then you want to ensure that they’re safe.

Putting measures in place, such as an intercom, demonstrates to your team that you care about their wellbeing.

4) It’s welcoming for visitors

Though intercom systems are primarily for protecting your employees and business premises, they can also be really welcoming!

There’s nothing worse than arriving at a company and wandering around feeling lost. Giving clear signposts about how to access the business and speak to an employee, gives visitors a great first impression of your business.

5) They can be contactless

Contactless access control is of course hugely popular at the moment and something many businesses are moving to the touchless Wave by Aiphone is a good example (EMG to add text and images from datasheet)

Touch Free Calling enables you to simply wave at the intercom to notify a company that you’re present.

It removes the need to press a button and therefore stops transmission between those using the access door.

Whatever intercom system you’re looking to install at your office, then we can help. We’re security experts and can advise on the best approach to take. Call our team on +441293 510792 or email sales@vistecsystems.co.uk.