We recently installed a new barrier system for a school car park, and wanted to take the chance to chat a little about new access control technologies. If you’re currently relying on a traditional audio intercom or keypad then it could be time for an upgrade.

As well as an increased level of security, adding improved access control options to your car park can have a number of other benefits. For example, it can stop unauthorised users leaving their vehicle in your car park for long periods of time.

Below we’ve taken a look at five access control technologies for you to consider for your car park:

1) ANPR Camera System

You may have encountered an ANPR Camera System if you’ve recently visited a major shopping centre. ANPR works by using cameras that can cleverly detect the licence plate of the vehicle entering the car park.

The amazing thing about the ANPR Camera System is that it will work both day and night and can catch a number plate from every angle so no-one can sneak in undetected.

It’s wireless too, so it can be connected to a range of different systems. For example, the ANPR could track who is entering the car park, with units inside your building asking visitors to confirm their registration. The system then marries up the information so you can confirm they’re using your car park for the right reasons and identify those that aren’t!

2) Wireless Intercom

If you don’t currently have an access control option on your car park, then you might be concerned about the logistics. With a long-range wireless intercom you don’t need to worry, as you can install the intercom without the full wiring you’d normally require.

You could control access in a number of different ways, for example by having employees issued with keycards to grant entry. Consider add video functionality for visitors to your premises, so you can see exactly who is present before you grant access.

3) Mobile Credentials

There is even technology now that allows a user to access the car park by using their mobile phone. Typically operated through a mobile app, this clever system can allow you to control access to your car park without access tags or smart cards.

4) Touchless Intercom

With contactless access control becoming an increasing concern, why not invest in a touchless intercom? This does exactly what you might expect, visitors can use the intercom without having to touch it!

This is great for hygiene but can also make it easier for car park users as they don’t need to reach out and press a button. Motion can detect a visitor, or a little wave can activate the intercom so it calls the relevant person internally.

5) RFID Reader

An RFID Reader is a smart technology that allows you to manage a database of people allowed in your car park. By using a tag they have inside their car, the barrier knows that the car is allowed entry and begins opening the barrier in preparation.

This can be effective in office car parks as it can ensure a steady throughput rate. It also doesn’t rely on the car reg being in your system, as long as the user has the tag. This will save on admin when employees change their car or grab a lift! As long as they have the tag, the barrier will open.

We hope that gives you a few ideas for your car park barrier access control. If you want more information or need advice on finding the right option for you, just give us a call on +441293510792 or email sales@vistecsystems.co.uk.