We’re proud to be a supplier and installer of the AJAX intruder alarm security systems. This relatively new system to the marketplace offers so much to homeowners, helping them protect their home in a number of different ways.

We’ve put together a list of benefits to help you understand this very intuitive, smart and reliable system:

1) It’s Completely Wireless

One of the best features of the Ajax system has to be the fact that it’s completely wireless. This means that during installation there is little to no disruption to your home and no unsightly cables. It also means that if you were to move home, then the Ajax system could be taken with you.

wireless home alarm system

2) Simple to Control from Your Phone

Every feature of the Ajax system can be controlled through your mobile. This means whether you’re home or away, you can act quickly when a security activation is detected. You can see battery levels of individual products and a full audit trail of who has set, unset or changed settings on the system. All members of your household can have access to some or all of the settings, for example you can enable children to disarm the system when they get home from school.

With automation features, you can also turn on a light or control locks or gates remotely to keep your home safe.

3) It Protects Your Home from the Inside and Outside

The internal motion camera sends a number of still images to your smart phone whenever movement is detected.

An external motion detector is also available that provides protection for the outside spaces around your home. This device provides an early alert if anyone gets too close to your property. The street siren, described as “louder than thunder” also has a built in light to attract passers-by.

Ajax really does take your home security to the next level.

4) It Can Be Tailored to Your Budget

You can purchase one of the Ajax starter kits then add additional units as required ensuring the system meets any budget. If you want to spend little to start with, then add as you go, this is completely possible with the Ajax system. Not only that but if you were to add an extension to your home, or if you spotted a weak area, you can simply add units at a later date.

Give Vistec Systems  a call if you are unsure and we can talk you through what you may need, and how the products work.

5) Every Angle Covered

There is a door protector which detects if a door or window has been opened or tampered with. It can have a built-in tilt sensor that means it can be fitted to a roof window, the window can be left open and if it is moved more than a certain amount the alarm will trigger.

You can install a glass break detector so a number of windows can be covered by one unit up to 9 metres away.

6) It Can Help Prevent Flooding

A clever flood detector can be added to the system.

It’s ideal for the washing machine, dishwater or cellar as it will provide an alert should water be detected; maybe from a broken pipe or a faulty appliance.

7) It Knows the Difference Between People and Pets

One of the most frustrating things for homeowners is when their home security system is set off by their pet. Ajax have designed their system so it can identify pets and not set off the alarm while they are left unattended.

The Ajax system achieves this by using body mass and thermal heat to detect movements and identify any intruder. This is a marked improvement in comparison to other systems on the market, that simply extend movement detector thresholds to block out low level detection to avoid pets setting off the system. This is a particular issue if you have cats which like to jump, as this means the areas they use cannot be protected as false alarms will be too frequent.

8) It Offers Fire Protection

Ajax fire detectors can not only detect fire, but they also monitor the temperature in the room. There is an option to upgrade to a unit which also monitors carbon monoxide levels.  All units feature their own integrated sounder and if there are multiple units installed, they all link together. 

9) It Can Integrate With Other Systems

If you already have a home security system such as CCTV, then clever Ajax technology means that you could integrate the two together so you can visually verify any intruder picked up by either system. Here at Vistec Systems we can advise on the type of systems it can integrate with, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

10) It Looks Great

Sometimes home security products can be ugly, meaning owners are less inclined to use them within their home. Ajax products are contemporary in look, and available in two colours, (black or white) allowing them to blend in to your home seamlessly.

You can shop for Ajax products on our website or get in touch with our team by calling 01293 510792 or emailing us at sales@vistecsystems.co.uk.