A facial recognition terminal might seem a little MI5. However, Hikvision has developed a line of cost-effective units for small and medium-sized businesses.

Below we’ve taken a look at a range of different benefits a face recognition terminal can offer your company:

hikvision face recognition

1) It Offers Top Level Security

When you’re looking for ways to upgrade your access control system, then of course security is your top priority. Hikvision’s unit is over 99% accurate.

It can handle blurred images, see people from a distance away and even recognise people on a side angle. You also won’t encounter the issues that can come with other forms of security control, such as piggybacking.

2) It’s Contactless

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that throughout 2020 and now in 2021, contactless access control solutions are in high demand.

Investing in a face recognition terminal is the ideal contactless option. Not just for hygiene but also for practical reasons such as when you’re carrying a parcel or pushing a trolley.

3) It Allows Speedy Access

With a Hikvision face recognition terminal access is highly secure but also fast. The MinMoe unit can recognise a face in under 0.2 seconds, allowing approved visitors to flow freely.

For users this also means no fumbling around to find a pass or key fob in the bottom of their bag, making allowing secure access quick and easy.

4) It Works in Any Environment

Knowing your own business environment, you might be worried about the logistics of how the terminal could recognise the user, for example in low-light areas.

Hikvision units can still recognise the face of visitors in low-light environments. It can even work when someone is in complete darkness!

5) It’s Easy to Use and Update

It’s so easy to register users in many different ways, and monitor access using the handy Hikvision mobile app.

You can update it easily too, by simply adding an image of a new user and removing those that are no longer allowed access. No need to reissue swipe cards or key fobs!

6) It Allows You to Track Attendance

With time attendance functions you’re able to use the face recognition terminal to record when your staff arrive and when they leave.

You can trust the data this unit provides, as colleagues are unable to share a swipe card or mark someone as present if they haven’t yet arrived.

7) It’s Secure

Each unit has a storage capacity for recording the facial images it needs to recognise. Encryption is used to ensure that the data of all your users is protected.

This allows your staff and colleagues to feel comfortable providing their images for the unit to use.

8) It’s Cost-Effective

You might have initially ruled out a face recognition terminal for your business, imagining that it would be out of your budget.

Hikvision have designed their systems to be cost-effective and offer a range of different packages to suit business of all sizes.

9) It Can Be Integrated

Whatever access control system you currently have in place, the facial recognition terminal could integrate with it seamlessly.

To advise on whether a Hikvision unit could fit with your existing system, then get in touch with our experienced team who would be happy to help.

10) It’s Versatile

It doesn’t matter the environment, the clever technology means it can be adapted for a range of different settings, such as factories, offices, shops and schools.

Here at Vistec Systems we’re here to advise you on how a Hikvision Face Recognition Terminal could work for your business. Speak to a member of our team today – call +441293510792 or email sales@vistecsystems.co.uk.