Dahua True Colour CCTV System: Everything You Need to Know

With the recent lockdown restrictions being imposed – many businesses have had to close their doors at short notice. Making security breaches, unfortunately, a relatively high concern. A dahua cctv system

Vistec Systems Now Offer Electrical Services!

We’re delighted to announce that in addition to our wide range of services, we will now be offering electrical services, too! With more and more of our commercial customers requiring these services, this is an exciting opportunity for us to supp

electrical services

Fingerprint Recognition vs. Facial Recognition: Which Should I Choose?

Contactless access control solutions are here to stay. Due to COVID-19 implications, people are now looking for not only the most secure way of protecting their business premises b

FaceStation Security System

5 Access Control Options for Your Car Park

We recently installed a new barrier system for a school car park, and wanted to take the chance to chat a little about new access control technologies. If you’re currently relying on a traditional audio intercom or keypad then it could be time for

Car Park Barrier Perimeter Security