Wireless & Rapid Deployment CCTV Cameras

Vistec’s Wireless Dome Camera System provides the user with complete flexibility and portability. The system can be deployed in any location and is ideal for rapid installation and temporary surveillance applications. The Dome system has an integrated camera and transmission unit offered as a ‘one box’ solution. Users are able to dial in remotely, and access live images or stored digital footage from the internal hard drive. The camera itself can be controlled remotely with full pan, tilt and zoom functionality and a 360 degree field of vision.





automatic numberplate recognition (anpr)


Vistec Systems ANPR systems are the complete solution for reliable number plate recognition. Our units combine the latest in cameras, optics, illumination and filter technology which provides clear images of number plates during the day and at night with distances up to 50 metres. Our systems can overcome the issues with speed, daytime headlights, number plate reflectivity with accurate focusing during the day and night.

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