Security Lighting

Without light and illumination CCTV is completely inadequate!!

Lighting is a pre-requisite for ensuring that video footage is effective on a 24/7 basis, 365 days a year. Appropriately designed lighting will have a significant impact on CCTV performance.

Suitable illumination is an essential part of any CCTV System. CCTV systems rely on the quantity, quality and distribution of available light, as light controls the appearance of the subject or object being monitored.

infrared or white light???


When identifying what type of light to use the purpose of the system needs to be identified first.

Infra-Red lighting is designed to be used only by CCTV cameras. It provides greater distance, a varying degree of invisibility and there is no light pollution.

White-Light can be used to illuminate areas viewed by CCTV cameras and also act as a visual deterrent when turned on, upon detection of intruder activity. It also provides regular & reliable courtesy lighting for pedestrians, staff and vehicles.

thermal imaging


Vistec’s thermal imaging cameras produce images that industry standard CCTV cameras cannot, and will reveal details that cannot be detected by conventional cameras.

Thermal imaging cameras produce images of invisible infrared or “heat” radiation. Based on temperature differences between objects, thermal imaging produces a crisp image on which the smallest of details can be seen. They also work both during daytime and night time.

Thermal imaging can be used for a variety of applications including intruder detection, oil spill detection, fault monitoring etc.

street lighting


Vistec Systems has a lighting division which looks after a vast range of external lighting including car parks, roads, schools, private roads & estates. We are generally able to maintain and repair most makes of external lighting including the columns and masts.

Vistec Systems provides the complete package when it comes to external lighting. We maintain every type and every manufacturers lighting including some of the most common, including Abacus, Phosco, Kingfisher, Stainton, Philips and Thorn alongside a whole range of others.

As an ECA accredited company all of our engineers are fully trained, time-served electricians who can quickly identify faults and rectify them so that you´re car park, business or premises is not affected.

Our clients include:-

  • Car Parks
  • Docks
  • Supermarket
  • Healthcare
  • School & Colleges
  • Local Authorities
  • Private Estates
  • Retail Parks



low energy street lighting


We also install, replace and maintain street lighting and carpark lighting. Our access platforms (cherry-pickers) are equipped with a full range of equipment for maintenance purposes. Our design department can also provide lighting plans for new projects, arrange for electrical connection, provide the civil works and install the lighting as a complete package. The advantage to this is that we can choose the best manufacturers equipment depending on your needs.