free health check


CCTV & Access Control Health check for Commercial & Public Sector Customers.


  •    Are you worried that your DVR is not recording good quality images?
  •    Are you concerned about the length of time it records for?
  •    Do you think your cameras are in the wrong positions and need relocating or adjusting?
  •    Do your cameras not perform well at night or in bright light?
  •    Are some of your cameras not working or have poor image quality?
  •    Are you thinking about logging on to your system remotely but can’t?



  •    Is your access system securing the relevant & required areas?
  •    Does your system provide and log real-time events?
  •    Is your access control software current, or is there an upgrade?
  •    Can I use my access control system to control remote sites?
  •    Can I integrate to CCTV?
  •    Do I need to enhance my access system with biometrics?

Why not book yourself a ‘free’ health check today and one of our representatives will visit your premises and go through your system with you and advise you what can be done to help in your areas of concern.

Please note we are not tied to any particular manufacturer, so our recommendations & advice are completely unbiased.

This service is totally free and without obligation – ‘there is no hard sell’.

Can we offer this service to everyone?

Sadly due the fact that it is a free service, we have to place some restrictions on who is eligible and the general factors affecting eligibility are distance from our head office at Crawley / Gatwick and the size of your security system. We are trying to help as many people as possible during these tough financial times so why not fill out our online contact form and we will phone you back and discuss your individual situation & needs.