Perimeter Security

At Vistec Systems, we will manage the design, installation and maintenance of your perimeter protection system from start to finish, utilising our extensive experience to create a safe environment for your business & premises in which to operate.

The concept behind perimeter protection is to create an alert to trespassers and would be intruders, before they have the chance to enter your building or property. Covering walk-ways or surrounding your building with an invisible fence (as shown below) will provide high intruder detection without spoiling the overall look of your property.

PIR Motion Detectors can also be installed to cover almost any area. This type of system will pick up intruders at ranges in excess of 180m. As you can see from the pictures below the units are compact whilst remaining very effective.



Vistec’s commercial sensors are specifically designed for use in small to medium sized external areas. Their rugged construction and reliable operation make them ideal for use as motion sensors in CCTV applications. The areas of coverage have been designed to match common camera and lens combinations. The inclusion of dual sensors and processors plus high and medium sensitivity settings results in a full specification sensor for the smaller installation.

The all metal housing of the sensors provides a stable environment for the detection electronics. The head adjustments are tamper protected to prevent sensors being re-aligned by unauthorised personnel.

gates, barriers & fencing


Vistec Systems can also provide via our partner companies the complete hardware security package including gates, automated barriers and boundary fencing.

We have access to PAS 68 products, designed to counter vehicle borne explosive attacks.