Biometric Security

why biometrics?


Biometrics relate to individual physical characteristics that make a person unique. As a form of identification, biometrics can never be forgotten, lost or copied like a card or password, and have been widely accepted as a fast, accurate and dependable way of confirming a person is who they say they are.

why face recognition?


Uniquely, face recognition is:

  • Non-intrusive. Simply follow on-screen instructions at arms length, and have your image    captured like a normal photograph;
  • Non-contact. Our scanning devices are not at the mercy of grease, dust, or damage from continued use, so the verification remains hygienic and accurate;
  • Able to be checked by an administrator (people are also experts at face recognition), with photo records of all “denied” usage attempts, whether accidental or fraudulent;
  • Interactive. Our built-in screen provides clear usage instructions, valuable health and safety graphics,and custom information – all within just a few seconds;
  • Applicable to all. With as many as one in twenty people unable to enrol using certain    biometrics, everyone has a face.