Automatic Numberplate Recognition

Vistec Systems ANPR systems are the complete solution for reliable number plate recognition. Our units combine the latest in cameras, optics, illumination and filter technology which provides clear images of number plates during the day and at night with distances up to 50 metres.

Our systems can overcome the issues with speed, daytime headlights, number plate reflectivity with accurate focusing during the day and night.

Our number plate recognition systems have been specially designed to read retro reflective number plates. Retro reflective number plates reflect light back to the illuminator which the camera picks up and the digital video recorder records the images.

  • Motorway service stations
  • Retail and Leisure car parks
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping centres
  • Private estates
  • Traffic monitoring and congestion charging schemes
  • Access control points
  • Mobile Vehicles
  • Entry and exit monitoring

Vistec Systems have the technology, knowledge and expertise to implement ANPR systems.

vistec anpr parking solutions


  • Revenue generation
  • Enforce limited waiting regimes
  • Monitor unauthorised use of parking areas
  • Monitor vehicle movements

The latest ANPR models are designed to accurately monitor and capture number plate images and allows clients to determine the parameters for their car parking requirements.

The system captures real time images and valuable data which give clients the ability to produce occupancy level reports.

The ANPR approach is ideal for clients with high capacity car parks and offers the following additional benefits:

  • Fully automated with no staffing requirement
  • Operates 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Effective in tackling over-stay or unauthorised use, deterring parking abuse