Access Control

Access Control provides the ability to control, monitor and restrict the movement of people or assets in, out and around a premises or site.

Access control is now an accepted part of every day life and it is designed to protect both personal and physical assets by sorting those who do belong from those who do not.

Many different types of technology are currently available to allow different forms of identification to be used. Products range from swipe cards, proximity fobs, cards, tokens, digital keypads through to biometric technology.

Biometrics (fingerprint and facial recognition) scanners have now fallen in to an affordable bracket and provide the ultimate in identification security, whilst conventional “swipe” and proximity cards are still the most popular means of entry.

Our systems are fully networkable via a standard PC or server and different levels of access can be given to different users or groups of users. These systems also provide time stamping so that the operator can retrieve a log of who came in and at what time of day.

CCTV integration can also be achieved, giving a visual identification of a user or users.

Some recent examples of our work can be found on our case studies page:

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